Heat and Sound Insulation Test

Thermal Isolation Test

Within the framework of the regulations about the criteria that construction materials are liable to, Zenon Panel took the National Technical Approval. Due to the execution of Construction Technical Research Committee's testing and certification process, thermal insulation tests are performed and the results are as follows.

Thermal conductivity in 23oC - %80 relative humidity conditions
P100-075-16 Zenon Panel wall (applied by 10cm panel): UD < 0,65 W/m2K
UT < 0,65 W/m2K
P130-105-16 Zenon Panel wall (applied by 13cm panel) : UD < 0,48 W/m2K
UT < 0,49 W/m2K

Sound Isolation Test

Acoustic insulation experiment performed in accredited laboratories due to EN ISO 10140-2: 2010 standard.
Zenon Panel wall made by 10'cm panel sound insulation value: 38,7(-2,7;-4,5) dB

Sound insulation value of the Zenon Panel wall made by thicker panels will be higher.